Sets of Essences

Cottage Garden Essences

8 flower/ environment essences for support  


Mahonia (Mahonia Japonica)

6 Indigo

For feeling overwhelmed by life, out of sorts and disconnected. Uplifting and balancing. Encourages a positive outlook and reconnection with intuitive self.

About the Essences

All the essences are made in and around my garden in Devon and hand made with love and care in small quantities to order.

Currently I produce 3 sets of essences, each with a different emphasis.

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Love of life       

Primrose  (Primula Vulgaris)

4/7 pink

Lifts spirits; promotes love of life, clarity of thought and self knowledge.


Snowdrop (Galanthus Nivalis)

1/3 yellow

Courage in adversity. Calms fears and brings ability to take responsibility for personal needs.


Lesser Periwinkle (Vinca Minor)

2/5  Orange

Helps to see through deceptions and synthesise ideas to express own creative identity and connect to higher self.        


Rosebay Willowherb (Chamerion Angustifolium)     

6 Indigo

Helps dissolve ego boundaries to bring clarity of inner sight, inner wisdom and soul connection  


Morello Cherry (Prunus Cerasus)

7 Violet

Brings the ability to integrate experiences and restructure for change.


Grape Hyacinth/ Weeping Pear

All / White

Enables us to see problems and experiences from the highest point- a different perspective.

Useful aid to meditation and spiritual development.


Skimmia Japonica / Environment

7 Violet

Reconnects energies to Earth and Divine Source, bringing a sense of wholeness and peace.

True Self Essences

6 flower and crystal essences for growth

All the flowers in these essences were in the garden at unexpected times of the year.

New Beginnings

Ornamental weeping pear/amethyst


For when we feel restricted or tied; Loosens self-defined boundaries and fear of rejection; Allows us to let go of dross and clutter that is holding us back.


Evening Primrose/Preseli Bluestone


For when the way forward is unclear. Helps us to clear blockages to inner discovery, breaking the cycle of fear and withdrawal and reconnecting to what really is.


Field Bindweed/Sodalite


For when we are confused or lacking direction; aids meditation and expanded awareness,

 supporting us to reach understanding of our true self.


Scarlet Pimpernel/Black Tourmaline              


For when we need to reconnect with our Higher Self and inner wisdom to enable us to discard old habits and restructure for change.


Pink Azalea/ Green Aventurine


For when we are ready to explore new avenues that may move us out of our comfort zone and challenge our confidence. Helps release the power within.

Re-Balance Essences

10 Channelled energy essences linked to Celtic traditions to reconnect and re-balance



4/ Green

Clears anger, sadness and reduces fear of being powerful. Promotes understanding of Divine Purpose, bringing courage and loving energy to accept and act on this purpose through inner harmony.



3/ Yellow

Helps maintain the flow of energy within the entire system. Supports the release of outmoded patterns of thought and behaviour to allow fresh insights into challenges and brings self-discipline to explore new ways of moving forwards.



7/ Violet

Links Earth and Astral energies, to free us from illusion and bring an understanding of connection and wholeness. A grounded, secure place from which to move forwards.



7/ White                             

Lifts spirits and helps with adopting more positive thought patterns. Provides a secure base and strong connection to Source to bring balance and help with integrating light and shadow sides.



4/ Pink

Enables the perception of unity rather than separation. Brings a profound love and acceptance that can simply let things be the way they are.



5/ Blue

Provides a secure foundation to allow us to test out our intuitive skills and express our truth. Helps with understanding subtle vibrations and discerning what is of positive use to us.



4/5 Turquoise

Secure and grounding; emotionally balancing on all levels. Brings non-judgemental compassion towards oneself and others.



4/5 Pink

Encourages a letting go of what is no longer of use. Enables an awareness of subtle vibrations and empathy when connecting to others.



Above 7/ White

Clears and balances energy flow in all areas. Provides a strong Earth energy connection from which to access Universal energies and aid meditation. Helps with discovering true self.



All/ Gold

Reconnects us to earth energies. Supports integration of all aspects of personality; brings the ability to approach situations with the power and flexibility of water.

All essences are sold at stock dilution


Single bottles      £7.50   + £ 3.50 post and packing (current rates) Up to 7 bottles


Rebalance             10 essences      £70

Cottage Garden      8 essences      £56

True Self                  6 essences      £42      All sets are post and packing free

Please order by post, email or phone

Payment by  cheque payable to Karen Reid or BACS transfer -  phone for details

Telephone consultations are available if you need a personal combination of essences

from the wide range that I use. These will be supplied in a dosage bottle.

Cost £30 to include essence combination and postage.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Call us to discuss your requirements and we can  advise you   of the most suitable options.

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Ceanothus / Sodalite


For when we feel in the middle of the turmoil and chaos that change brings. Helps us to breathe out, step into calm, let things be and be true to ourselves.

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Flower Essence Therapy

Hand Made in Devon, England

Holistic Flower Remedy Healing

Qualified Practitioner Karen Reid

Rainbow Dragon Essence

A challenging essence that can form a bridge between

us and other people, places and times so that we can

identify and clear unresolved patterns within the

Chakra’s. It allows us to open up to let awareness and

insight follow the flow of our life force.

A valuable tool for personal exploration and

spiritual development.

A set of Essences with channelled Golden Dragon Energy to protect and support us to make the changes we need
Rainbow - challenges
Fire - comforts and supports
Snow - brings lightness and awareness
Hope - protects and encourages
Time Shift - reconnects and re-assimilates

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