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How essences help

I see clients with a wide range of problems. Some seek support during and after conventional treatment for major illness, others at times of emotional challenge such as partnership break-ups and bereavement, or physical change such as puberty and menopause.

They can be of significant help to young people facing stressful situations such as starting a new school or taking exams.

A few of the more typical circumstances and issues are listed below.

Essences are the essential energy qualities of flowers, trees, crystals and vibrations held in water and preserved in alcohol, usually brandy. They can be useful for people of all ages and states of health as valuable, non-intrusive tools for self healing and development.

How to use Essences

They can be taken under the tongue or in water, rubbed on pulse points, placed on the meridians and chakras, added to a bath or sprayed in the air around you.       


Essences are non addictive and energetically adapt themselves to the individual taking them. They can support us whilst we make necessary changes to the way we behave and think,  making transitions in our emotions to provide a gentle, holistic way of healing.


Essences do not add or give anything that one does not already have. Positive qualities are enhanced by resolving unhelpful emotions, beliefs and thinking.

What can you expect when taking flower essences?

You do not have to believe that essences will work for them to do so, but it does help to be receptive and open to them. As flower essences have a general balancing effect, one can often notice improvements or enhancements in areas other than which were expected.  


Flower essences do not work instant magic Healing (on any level) often requires persistence and can be gradual, particularly where the issues are deep-seated.       

Some people respond quickly, after taking essences for only a few days or weeks, while others may require essences for longer periods in order to resolve emotional worries, release negative thinking or improve physical conditions (see note*).

Everyone’s response and healing capacity is unique- so be patient.                                                            

Healing is most often part of a bigger picture and unexpected improvements or changes can occur in other areas, so it pays to be observant and monitor your feelings while taking a course of essences.                             


Flower essences can sometimes provoke a ‘healing crisis’ during the first few days of taking them. This can be experienced emotionally when we may become aware of strong feelings, or physically, where a reaction may occur as the body detoxifies.       

Challenges and problems - Essences provide support to help one cope and find the inner strength to face major change.

Change - They assist by gently acclimatising one to other perspectives or situations.

Concerns and worry - Essences help one to relax, relieving a tendency to negative thinking.     

Confidence - lack of self esteem and confidence can be debilitating, essences can improve self-worth.

Despondency or sadness - they help one to see things differently and provide the inner strength to cope at times like these.

Professional help should be sought for the clinically depressed or suicidal.    

Focus and direction - Essences help one to see the way more clearly and reach decisions more easily.

Inner guidance - They can assist if one is looking for guidance or clarity around a particular issue and also in helping to understand one’s higher purpose.

Relationships - When communication problems or conflicts with others arise, they can help one to cope with upsets, hurt, pain and disappointments and move on from these feelings.  Sometimes one may benefit from an essence to let go of old resentments or anger.     

Protection from negativity - Essences help to create healthy boundaries so one is strong enough to compassionately help others but to remain safely shielded from their energies.

Recovery and convalescence - Helpful in recovering from surgery and clearing the affects of anaesthesia, essences are also useful in restoring vitality following a period of illness, accident, overwork.  


Stress - Assisting one to remain calm and centred enabling stress to be managed in a healthier way.   


Upsets and trauma - essences can bring comfort. They help to release shocks (new and old).

Essences are not used as a substitute to consulting a qualified medical practitioner.    

Flower Essence Therapy

Hand Made in Devon, England

Holistic Flower Remedy Healing

Qualified Practitioner Karen Reid